Collection: Logo Customize Series


About Logo Customize Service, as we need comply with Dial factory for make LASER module (Because the Dial is steel stainless, print Logo need using Laser technology) , it need 14 working days of handling time, please understand with spend enough time before paid the order.

Customize watches are not returnable, but it cover by one year warranty like other watches, please understand before placing the order.


1) Explore the following Watches and choose which one are you prefer (It is total price include postage) and place the order.

2) Then, contact our customer service by whatsapp or email, and provide the the follow details:

2.2) FONTS TYPE (You can use Microsoft word to try which fonts are you like)

3) Then, we will send you a mock up image for your confirmation.

4) When you accept the final design, process begings.5) Please waiting around 14 working days, we will contact you when the dial has been made and send you photo for the actual watch and ship it to you.

Notes: Watch Hands, Crowns may interchangeble between watches, please contact for for confirmation.