Customer Testimonials

When I was first considering buying any watch featuring the tourbillion complication my biggest hesitation was how would it actually look once I got it on my wrist.  After all, whether you're looking at You Tube video or an advertisement, the tourbillion is huge.  Turns out I was worried about nothing.  The watch is a true pleasure to look at.  Not just the tourbillion portion, but everything.  Some else I liked about this model is while I don't mind having to wind a watch, I'm sometimes concerned about over-winding it.  The SE8007SK's power reserve indicator is helpful and stylish.  Well done, all the way around. 
-Mark Esxxxx
Hello, just wanted to drop a note regarding my order. Received the watch on the the 14th. Absolutely pleased with it, the craftsmanship, look and feel exceeds my expectations. I've made it my daily driver, a great addition to my collection.
-George J. Hxxx

I just wanted to tell you that my watch arrived today. It’s lovely! I really like it. I have my eye on several other Sugess watches and will start to order them over the next few months. 
Best Regards,
-Mark Gixxxxx
Hi, there. 
The Watch arrived today. 
I dont know, How to say ….. 
This Watch ist absolt madness!!! 
I am a watch enthusiast and so very happy with it, unbeliveable!! I cant stop staring on/in the movement. Love it!
Thank you so much. Great job! 
With tears in eyes, ragards, 
-Chrxxxx from Germany 
There is just one thing I would like to tell you: "I am very happy with my Sugess 👍 watch with moon phase and blue gold stone and would like to thank you and the whole team”. I am a total “Sugess” Fan and would love to sell your watches and continue to advertise. Thank you very much and best regards.
-Pietro Cixxxx

Thank you so much my friend. Another happy customer!
-Dahana Rxxxx
Hi,  It was delivered! Beautiful!   Thank you for all of your timely assistance and I really appreciate your kind customer service. I love the product.   Many Thanks!  Sincerely
-Philip Roxxxxx
Thanks for the update and also the great customer service you provided. I will definitely recommend Sugess products to my family and friends.
Here is a photo of my little Sugess collection, It’s starting to grow, but there are still a few empty spaces 😊   Best regards     
-Didier Lixxx

I ordered the 1963, and the whole experience was absolutely perfect. I had some questions since i was traveling while i placed my order, and customer support was extremely helpful and very quick to respond.

The watch is amazing. Everything is perfect, and it comes in a very nice military-inspired box that makes it easy to carry the watch around.

Overall, an amazing experience. 100% recommend

-Pierlorenzo Pexxxxx


-Mariano Paxxxx

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of watch movements available?

Sugesswatch offers a variety of movements including automatic and manual winding watch movement. Visit to explore our collection.

2. How do I choose the right watch size for my wrist?

Finding the perfect fit is essential. Sugess Watch fits most of the wrist, up to 7.2 inches. Visit to explore our collection.

3. What is the difference between automatic and manual winding watches?

The primary difference between manual and automatic watches is the power source for the mainspring. Manual watches require winding approximately once a day, while automatic watches depend on the natural movement of your wrist. Visit to explore our collection.

4. Can I swim or shower with my watch?

The water resistance of our watches varies depending on the model. You can swim even dive with our Ocean Star series watches, please visit to discover more.

5. Do you offer warranty on your watches? What does it cover?

Sugesswatch provides a comprehensive warranty with each timepiece purchased, covering manufacturing defects and ensuring customer satisfaction. Details regarding warranty coverage can be found on

6. What materials are commonly used in watchmaking?

Sugesswatch prides itself on using high-quality materials in crafting our timepieces, including stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and genuine leather. Explore our website to discover more about our commitment to quality craftsmanship.

7. Are your watches suitable for formal occasions?

Our watches are meticulously designed to exude elegance and sophistication, making them ideal companions for formal events and everyday wear alike. Explore our collection on to find the perfect timepiece for any occasion.

8. Do you offer customization options for your watches?

Yes, we customization for a number of watch models. Please visit for any available customization details.

9. What is the power reserve of the watches you sell?

Our watches feature varying power reserves depending on the movement type and model. Most of them offer 35+ power reserve.

Explore the specifications of each timepiece on for detailed information.

10. Do you offer eco-friendly or sustainable watch options?

Sustainability is important to us. While not all our watches are explicitly labeled as eco-friendly, we strive to incorporate sustainable practices into our manufacturing processes. Learn more about our sustainability efforts on

11. Are your watches suitable for daily wear?

Designed for durability and style, our watches are perfect for daily wear, offering both functionality and elegance to complement your everyday activities. Find your perfect daily companion on
Do you offer watches with specific complications, such as chronographs or moon phases?

12. Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, Sugesswatch proudly offers international shipping to bring our elegant timepieces to customers worldwide. For shipping details and rates, please visit